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the Pax Cecilia › album now a download
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album now a download

It’s true, we are no longer sending out the physical cd and artwork. We only have a small number left, and we are saving them to hand out at shows and in person. Anyone who emailed us and DIDN’T get an autoresponse back WILL be getting the album. We are now offering “Blessed..” as a free download on the main page. We’d like to thank everyone who has requested a copy, and everyone who has chosen to donate or tell a friend. The response to “Blessed..” has been wonderful, and we really appreciate all the kind words.

The band is focusing on a few new projects, both music related, and other. We’d like to start releasing more and more things here on the website, so keep an eye out for new things. We haven’t been playing many shows as we’re all busy with various other things in life right now, but we are writing new material. We will soon start playing shows around the upstate NY area, and hopefully have some new things to show off.

Thanks again, and enjoy the download.

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